Golf is a sport where we, for a fleeting moment, can play like our heroes. While most of us will never dunk a basketball like Jordan, bicycle kick like Pele, or hit it out of the park at Yankee Stadium, we could make birdie on the 18th at the Old Course like Nicklaus. As unlikely as it may be, the hope of it happening creates a magical bond between us who love this game.

It is a game we play for a lifetime. It finds kindred spirits. Forges friendships that transcend the sport. The Jack Nicklaus International Invitational is a microcosm of this essence. For the few amongst the thousands who make it to Columbus each year come as foreigners — from distant places, from different walks of life, speaking languages perhaps not understood by each other. Inevitably we leave as friends. The shared experience will foster a lasting relationship that will forever be reflected on fondly. That is the power of sport, and the reason for the Jack Nicklaus International Invitational.




  1. SOUTH KOREA — Yong Pyo Hong & Taei Lim

  2. PHILIPPINES — Don Mate & Steve Ruiz

  3. ITALY — Cristina Di SanCarlo & Stefano Turla

  4. INDONESIA — Bimo Rahmadi & Tamrin Bayazid

  5. CANADA — Gu Huh & Rhianon Smith

The memory of our great days at the event will be alive in us forever, and we miss everyone so much. We really enjoyed the week. We have never felt pampered like this ever.
— Stefano Turla & Cristina Di SanCarlo, Italy




  1. PHILIPPINES — Augusto de Jesus & Hubert Lim

  2. INDONESIA — Andrey Atmadji & I Nyoman Jiwandana

  3. ITALY — Alfredo Babbini & Fabio Gnetti

  4. CANADA — Dillon McFadyen & Tyson Penner

  5. SOUTH KOREA — Jeung Sik Kim & Jin Hee Park

We didn’t know what to expect. It wasn’t this for sure. This is the most amazing experience we’ve been a part of. It was beyond our wildest imagination!
— Dillon McFadyen, Canada




  1. PHILIPPINES — John Estrada & Derek Ramsay

  2. INDONESIA — Edwin Abeng & Pedro Limardo

  3. SOUTH KOREA — In Beom Lee & Ki Nam Cho

  4. ITALY — Alessandro Ricotti & Davide Zazzali

That was awesome! This event is the chance of a lifetime. The JNII is a big deal in the Philippines. Rustan’s puts on a great tournament!
— John Estrada & Derek Ramsay, Philippines



  1. INDONESIA — Edwin Abeng & Jayadi

  2. ITALY — Massimo Brandoni & Vanna Tintorri

  3. PHILIPPINES — Yuri Allado & Abe Rosal

  4. SOUTH KOREA — Hyunsam Kang & Myeongseon Lee

This is an incredible experience. I feel like Alice In Wonderland. Thank you very much.
— Vanna Tintorri, Italy



  1. SOUTH KOREA — Cheon Il Song & Byung Muk Yoon

  2. PHILIPPINES — Ivan Ferreras & Sammy Sy

  3. INDONESIA — Andrey Atmadji & Sugianto

  4. SOUTH AFRICA — Andrew Morgan & Santosh Maharaj

  5. UNITED STATES — Daniel Brooks & Gracen Brooks

This was awesome...I don’t want it to end. I mean I want to go home to my family, but I don’t want this to end.
— Andrew Morgan, South Africa



  1. SOUTH AFRICA — Jeanne Koegelenberg & Mark Roux

  2. PHILIPPINES — Yuri Allado & Abe Rosal

  3. SOUTH KOREA — Doo Young Choi & Janghyun Yang

  4. INDONESIA — Andyjawa Melawi & David Sumedap

  5. MEXICO — Daniel Chavez & Luis Lavalle

  6. ITALY — Filippo Zuin & Nicolo Zuin

Honestly I have to say that it was the best experience of my golfing life…I felt like a rock star since my arrival in Columbus…but best of all was of the human side, meeting all the players from the other teams, and as you said several times, we started with a group of unknown people and ended with a lot of friends from all around the world.
— Luis Lavalle, Mexico



  1. PHILIPPINES — Theodore Pascual & Joseph Tambunting

  2. JAPAN — Tadayuki Murai & Yuna Yamashita

  3. DENMARK — Allan Gaarde & Jesper Lodberg

  4. SOUTH AFRICA — Darryl Smallwood & Troy Smallwood

  5. MEXICO — Paola Corella & Jose Garcia

  6. SOUTH KOREA — Jong Seok Son & Sun Ho Yoo

  7. ITALY — Francesco Pasinetti & Claudio Zuccari

  8. CHINA — Xuecheng Du & Wenlong Zhang

Thank you to the JNII for a fantastic week. Awesome is the best word we can find to express our gratitude.
— Allan Gaarde & Jesper Lodberg, Denmark